• Outstanding teaching at TLC Prep is recognized
  • 2014 Camp Meeting
  • The Science of LivingWell
  • 2014 Camp meeting
  • The Difference a Great Guidance Counselor Can Make
  • 2014 Camp Meeting
  • John Nevins Andrews School Teacher Receives National Award
  • 2014 Camp Meeting
  • Teacher From Richmond Academy Receives National Award

A Cord of Three Strands

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beckythumbPreparing young minds for citizenship on Earth and for eternity is a serious mission for staff and faculty at Tree of Life Christian Preparatory School (Fredricksburg, Va.). They place value on a child’s academic accomplishments and their spiritual growth. They also believe academic excellence and Christ-like behavior results from outstanding teachers with Christian standards, small classrooms and an imaginative, individualized curriculum.

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The Science of LivingWell

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workshop_thumb“We think of genes in terms of inheriting our hair and eye color, but our genes have switches,” explained Lisa Myaing at the LivingWell Cooking Workshop, Wednesday afternoon at camp meeting. “These switches, flipped on or off, determine how our body is formed.” Myaing went on to explain that the way we live can actually change those settings. 

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