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Traditionally, Youth Ministries meant planning something "fun" for the youth. I believe that Youth Ministries implies just what the word says... youth ministries; suggesting that these are ministries that are done by youth for the benefit of others. The time is here for us to recognize that we are witness to a powerful force that is ready to carry forth the commission that was given to young Timothy by the apostle Paul:

In his first letter to Timothy, Paul boosted young Timothys self confidence when he told him not to let anybody look down on him because he was young. He told him instead to be an example for believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity ( 4:12). Then he goes on to tell young Timothy not to neglect his gift which was given to him when the elders laid hands on him (vs. 14). These were Timothy's marching orders.

This same commission, I believe, extends to all young believers. As you look around the churches in the Potomac Conference today you will see how these marching orders are being interpreted by our youth. The focus of this department is to help young people find their ministry. For, in doing so, their life will far exceed their wildest dream.

Thus the slogan for this department, "Find your ministry. Exceed your dreams." As you browse around this site, you will discover that we attempt to make that happen through the ministries you see listed on the left.



Denny Grady

Director of Youth Ministries

Potomac Conference

Email: dennyg@pcsda.org

Ext. 234