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Welcome to Membership and Statistics

The function of this office is to maintain all church data up to date through the reporting of church clerks and Pastors of incoming and outgoing member changes.

Member data that includes:

  • Baptism/Profession of Faith
  • Transfers to and from churches in the NAD and international
  • Record of deaths, marriages, births
  • Updates of church officers
  • Union Paper subscriptions
  • Attendance statistics


With the introduction of the web based internet program, church records management efficiency has been greatly enhanced. Churches in the NAD have benefited being online as it updates member information immediately. Pastors and clerks have access to their member information anywhere in the world where internet is available.


To become one of the many local church clerks in the Potomac Conference who are enjoying the benefits of being online on, please complete the eAdventist Authorization form or call the conference clerk for more details.


Please see the forms provided.  These will help the local church clerk that is not online on do their job more effectively until they come online.