Church Partnerships Send 50 Kids to Camp in 2013

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thumbCamp Blue Ridge has been in existence for decades. By continuing to develop camp and its infrastructure, we are able to move its legacy forward, so people of today and tomorrow can experience Jesus.



In the Potomac Conference territory, there are thousands of young people. All are welcome to our camp, but not all can afford it. This is why partnerships with local churches are essential. When our staff hears of a situation like this, we will contact a local Seventh-day Adventist Church and ask if they would be willing to help sponsor the camper. There are three partnership options:


Option A: The local church covers 100% of the costs for the child’s week of ministry at camp.

Option B: Two-way matching – the church covers 2/3 of the camp fee and the family covers the final 1/3. This can be inverted as well.

Option C: Three-way matching – the church, camp and family all provide 1/3 of the cost.


Fifty campers were able to join us last year because of the work of 10 churches. Some congregations have already built these partnerships into their budgets and some take up offerings, other churches participate spontaneously. We ask you to consider making this a year-round ministry, so together we can send even more to camp.


We have elected to work with a master-planning firm to guide us to make the camp experience even more powerful. Changes will likely include a larger meeting area, cafeteria and cabins that better facilitate small church retreats.


If you have comments or want to get involved, please contact us at or 540-377-2413.


-Jerrod Gabel, camp director

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