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Pastoral Ministries

Welcome to the Pastoral Ministries Department's internet presence. We are here to serve you.  Let us begin by sharing a brief overview of our department.


The Potomac Conference Pastoral Ministries Department provides resources to help our pastors and churches grow by emphasizing mission, vision, and values. John Cress, Vice President for Pastoral Ministries, leads this department with a focus on pastoral placement, leadership development and church consultation. Four Associates serve the field: Rick Labate - Southern Region, Maurice Battle Jr - Northern Region, Sharon Cress - Discipleship.  Dr. Jose Esposito is the Hispanic Ministries Director.


Everything rises and falls with leadership. The Potomac Conference seeks to create an environment where our pastors have the opportunity to grow as servant leaders, both spiritually and professionally.


Pastors, called by God, "prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up" Ephesians 4:12-13 NIV. The pastor trains and equips their members to faithfully use their spiritual gifts to minister and make disciples within their communities.


The importance of spiritual and numerical growth cannot be underestimated. Both are vitally important for the health of the church. One of the most important ways to evaluate this growth is through church consultations. These consultations are like annual physical check-ups. The benefits are similar to a good prescription: they lead to a healthy, disciple-making church with a clear mission and vision.


We daily pray for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide our pastors. Our pastors are not alone - we are on this journey together.