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Identify, train and empower pastors as servant leaders to build healthy disciple-making churches.

Our Vision:

The pastors and congregational leaders of the Potomac Conference are valued, supported, trained and are accountable as they cultivate healthy churches. Each church radiates the hope and wholeness of a spiritually maturing and numerically growing healthy body.

Our Goals:

  1. Identify and recruit the right pastors to serve Potomac Conference churches and companies
  2. Identify and promote best practices for Advent ministry
  3. Identify and communicate characteristics of a healthy, disciple-making church
  4. Prepare our intern pastors for ordination and commissioning
  5. Support ministerial families by encourage, networking and resourcing
  6. Intentionally build accountable, supportive relationship with pastors and their churches
  7. Nurture innovation in congregational ministry
  8. Help pastors train and equip their congregations for ministry
  9. Focus on planting churches in major population centers of 20,000
  10. Develop and implement effective church assessment process

Our Values:

As we live out our mission, pursue our vision and implement our goals, we are committed to ministering and managing through these five ministerial values:


  1. Integrity - Living a life of transparency
  2. Spirituality -Living a life 'in Christ'
  3. Service -”Living a life of a servant leader
  4. Team - Living a life for a common cause
  5. Excellence - Living a life exceeding others expectations

Our Challenge:

If we do not identify and build leaders who grow and develop healthy, disciple-making churches, we have failed in our purpose as a department.