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Conference History

How Potomac Conference Came In Existence

The first evidence of church influence in the area that would become Potomac Conference is found in references to the distribution of literature by a lady in Washington, D.C. in 1873. Little is known about this woman, who was perhaps not baptized herself at the time. However, several baptisms that took place in 1875 were apparently the result of her missionary efforts.

In 1924, the 21 churches and 677 members in the Virginia Conference were combined with the twelve churches and 1,523 members in the District of Columbia Conference to form Potomac Conference with a total of 2,200 members, 33 churches, and 14 ministers.

Potomac Conference now has approximately 32,600 members. To read more about the rich history of the Potomac Conference and its entities please click on the link below.


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